Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Close Combat
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You’ve outmaneuvered your foe, weakened him through spellcraft and shooting – now it’s time to finish the job! The Close Combat phase is easily the most decisive part of Warhammer. It’s here that swirling melees are resolved, as your warriors hack, slice and pummel their way through the enemy ranks. Make no mistake, a successful Close Combat phase can change forever the fortunes of your army. If you’ve prepared well in the Movement, Magic and Shooting phases, victory is likely to be your reward.

Unlike other phases of the game, the combat phase offers both sides a chance to inflict damage on the foe, although you, as the player whose turn it is, will be the one choosing the order of the combats.

All close combats must be resolved during this phase – a unit in combat cannot choose not to fight, for whatever reason. After all, once your warriors have charged into the enemy, they are not going to simply sit down and amicably discuss their differences!

Most combats involve a single unit fighting a single opposing unit, so that’s what we’ll discuss first. Sometimes however, you’ll end up with a multiple close combat where there is more than one unit fighting on one or both sides. Multiple close combats have some additional rules, which you’ll find discussed towards the end of the chapter. As all the rules for a normal close combat also apply to a multiple close combat, you’ll probably find it easier (and clearer) if you just work your way through the chapter.

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