Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Who's the Winner?
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The unit with the highest Combat Result score wins the fight.

After adding together all the Combat Result bonuses, you'll be able to determine the winner, i.e. the side that scored the most. The other side has lost and might even run from the fight, as we'll discuss in the next step. If both sides have the same score, the result is a draw and the combat will continue in the next turn.

The higher the difference between the winner's Combat Result score and the loser's, the bigger and more decisive the victory. An 8 against 7 victory, for example, is only a slight win because the difference in scores is only 1. An 8 against 2 victory, however, is extremely decisive, as the difference in scores is a whopping 6. This difference is important because it is used when working out whether a defeated enemy stands its ground or turns and flees.

For example: A unit of High Elf Archers is fighting a unit of Goblins. The Goblins inflict 3 wounds on the High Elves, and the High Elves inflict 4 wounds on the Goblins. However, the Goblins have four complete ranks in their unit, each rank beyond the first adding +1 to their score, and have charged the High Elves, adding another +1. This gives them 3+3+1 = 7 points against the High Elves' score of 4.

The High Elves have therefore lost the combat, even though they have caused more casualties – the vast numbers of Goblins have overwhelmed them. The High Elves will now have to take a Break test to avoid fleeing from combat.

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