Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Striking Order
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Blows are struck in Initiative order. If a model is killed before its turn to strike, it does not fight. If Initiative values are drawn, blows are struck simultaneously.

In the desperate hack and slash of close combat, the advantage lies with those warriors swiftest of mind and reaction. Slow opponents will often be dispatched by a faster foe before ever striking a blow. In essence: he who strikes first, strikes to the most devastating effect.

A model's Initiative characteristic determines who attacks first in close combat. Work your way through the Initiative values of the models, starting with the highest and ending with the lowest. Models make attacks when their Initiative value is reached, assuming of course that they haven't already been killed by a model with a higher Initiative and that there is still an enemy in base contact. Where models have the same Initiative, their attacks are made simultaneously.

For example: A unit of Dark Elf Dreadspears are charged by a unit of Orc Boyz. The Dark Elves have an Initiative of 5, while the Orcs only have Initiative 2. The Elves will go first because of their higher Initiative.

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