Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Roll to Hit (Close Combat)
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Roll a D6 for each attack. Compare the Weapon Skill of the attacker and the defender to determine the score required to hit.

To determine whether or not hits are scored, roll a D6 for each Attack a model gets to make. The dice roll needed to score a hit on your enemy depends on the relative Weapon Skills of the attacker and the target. Compare the Weapon Skill of the model striking blows with that of the target model and consult the To Hit chart (shown below) to find out the minimum score needed to hit.

If you look at the chart, you will see that equally matched models hit an enemy on a 4+, but if the attacker's Weapon Skill is greater than that of his target, he will hit on a dice roll of 3+. In the rare cases when an targets's Weapon Skill is more than double that of the attacker, a 5+ is required for a successful hit.

If you roll too low, the Attack has missed, and if you equal or beat the required score, the Attack has hit. Sometimes modifiers apply to these rolls, but a natural dice score of 6 always hits and a natural dice score of 1 always misses.

Continuing our earlier example, the Dark Elf Dreadspears are Weapon Skill 4, whilst the Orc Boyz are Weapon Skill 3. Looking at the To Hit chart, we can therefore see that the Dark Elves will require 3s to hit, whilst the Orcs will need 4s.


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