Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Wounds Inflicted
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+1 Combat Result for each wound inflicted.

Inflicting wounds on the foe is an important factor when determining Combat Result – perhaps the most important.

Each side's basic Combat Result is equal to the wounds caused in the combat. It's important to tally up the number of wounds, rather than the number of casualties – most characters and monsters have more than one wound and it can take several rounds of combat to slay them.

Nonetheless, our warriors take heart from the harm inflicted on such powerful foes, even if they are not yet down for the count. Do NOT count wounds that were saved (in other words, only count unsaved wounds).

Attacks that kill a model outright (made with a Killing Blow, say – see Special Rules) score the same amount of Wounds as the slain model has on its profile.

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