Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

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Mastery of the Movement phase is vital to your victory on the battlefield. It is in this phase that you’ll attempt to outmaneuver your foe, by moving your archers and cavalry units to where they can best dominate the battlefield, positioning regiments to threaten the enemy flank and charging your warriors into close combat when the time is right. The Movement phase is broken down into four sub-phases: Start of Turn, Charge, Compulsory Moves and Remaining Moves, which are covered in this chapter.

Moving an army is an important and often decisive part of the Warhammer game. When opposing commanders are well matched, movement can be as challenging and satisfying as a good game of chess. However, unlike a chessboard, the tabletop is not divided into exact squares. Instead, movement is determined using a measuring tape or ruler.

This chapter starts with the common rules for moving units on the tabletop and making basic maneuvers, before diving into the sequence of the Movement phase itself. The same rules govern almost all movement.

Any exceptions that apply to chargers and fleeing troops are discussed in the relevant sub-phase. Also, a few units move in a special way (flying creatures for example). These are exceptions to the usual rules which, for the sake of convenience, are discussed later in the book.

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