Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Rally Fleeing Units
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The player takes Leadership tests for each fleeing unit he has. If the test is passed, the unit stops fleeing and immediately reforms. A unit that has 25% or less of its starting models left can only rally on a roll of double 1.

Battlefields are grim and deadly places, where the threat of death (or a fate worse than death!) forever lurks. As the game goes on, some of your warriors will inevitably lose heart or be terrified out of their wits by the unremitting carnage all around them. It is a fortunate general who can rely on his men to press on through thick and thin, no matter what horrors the day brings. All too often, warriors will break from the fight and flee the battle, electing for a chance of survival over martial duty. Fortunately for you, during the Compulsory Moves sub-phase you are allowed a chance to whip some discipline into these cowardly curs and get them back into the fight, where they belong.

During the Compulsory Moves sub-phase, the player picks any one of his fleeing units and tests to rally it (as explained below). He then proceeds to the next fleeing unit and attempts to rally it, and so on, in any order he wishes, until all units that are able to make a rally attempt have done so.

If the unit started to flee in this turn it cannot attempt to rally – there's too much momentum built up already!

A unit attempts to rally by taking a Leadership test (as described in General Principles). If the fleeing unit has been reduced in size to a quarter (25%) or less of the number of models with which it began the game, it can only pass its Rally test on a double 1, regardless of its Leadership value (the survivors are too demoralized to give all but the scantest consideration to rallying).

If the Rally test is failed the unit continues to flee, as described below.

If the Rally test is successful, the unit stops fleeing. Order is restored as chieftains, champions and leaders bash a few heads together, or manage to bellow a few well-chosen motivational words (or bare-faced threats) over the thunder of running feet. Whilst the unit is not yet ready to rejoin the fight, it will be able to make some very basic maneuvers and will be fully fighting fit in time for your next turn. You may like to mark freshly rallied units with a coin or counter of some description, so you don't get them confused with other troops.

A unit that has successfully rallied immediately makes a reform maneuver (as described earlier), so that the controlling player can at least get his troops pointed towards the enemy again, rather than the wild blue yonder. A rallied unit cannot perform further actions during the Movement phase, and loses its opportunity to make a shooting attack in the Shooting phase, as the troops are too busy reorganizing themselves after their headlong flight.

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