Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Roll Charge Range and Move Chargers
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With all the charge reactions declared and resolved, it's time to see whether or not the charges were successful! There are many factors that can prevent a charge hitting home. The unit might become disordered as it surges forward, with warriors jostling one another in their haste to reach the prey. Perhaps the charging unit is simply unwilling to close with the enemy, and therefore hesitant in their advance. Or it may simply be a loss of momentum as the chargers tire more quickly than it was believed that they would.

Work through the charges one at a time, in any order decided by the player whose turn it is, calculating the charge distance for each and resolving the resultant successful or failed charge before moving on to the next unit (the only exception is when several units charge a single target – see Multiple Charges on a Unit).

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