Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

The Turn
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A Warhammer battle is a chaotic thing. Units of bellowing warriors charge and counter-charge, hacking at the foe with axe, sword and cleaver. The ground trembles to the hooves of galloping cavalry. Archers blacken the skies with arrows, cannons belch forth death and puissant sorcerers wield devastating magic’s.

In order to turn the maelstrom of battle into a manageable game, players alternate moving and fighting with their units. So, one player will move and fight with his forces first, and then the opponent will move and fight. This process is then repeated, with the first player moving and fighting again, and so on until the game is done.

During his turn, a player can usually move and fight will all of his units. For convenience and flow of game play, we divide a player’s turn into four main phases: Movement, Magic, Shooting and Close Combat.

This means you move any models you want to first, then cast spells, then shoot and finally resolve any close combats. This process helps to keep track of what is going on and makes it easier to know when one player’s actions are over and the opponent can start his turn (and take his revenge).

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