Tomb Kings
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The Tomb Kings of Khemri rule the land of Nehekhara – the land of the dead. The ancient civilization of Khemri perished long ago, until the evil sorcerer Nagash performed a great ritual which awakened the Tomb Kings and their buried armies. Nagash tried to command the Tomb Kings, but they were angry at being raised from their eternal slumber and turned against him. Since that time the Tomb Kings have fought among themselves for domination of their ancient cities and against anyone who dares to rob their tombs.


Miscellaneous Units

Base Sizes

Khalida, Arkhan, Khatep, Apophas, Nekaph & Ramhotep20x20mm
Settra the Imperishable100x100mm
Liche High Priest & Liche Priest20x20mm
Tomb King & Tomb Prince20x20mm
Necrotect & Tomb Herald20x20mm
Skeletal Steed25x50mm
Kheemrian Warsphinx50x100mm
Skeleton Chariot50x100mm
Skeleton Archers20x20mm
Skeleton Chariots50x100mm
Skeleton Horse Archers25x50mm
Skeleton Horsemen25x50mm
Skeleton Warriors20x20mm
Kheemrian Warsphinx50x100mm
Necropolis Knights50x100mm
Sepulchral Stalkers50x100mm
Tomb Guard20x20mm
Tomb Scorpion50x50mm
Tomb Swarm40x40mm
Casket of Souls80x80mm/3" round
Necrolith Colossus50x50mm
Screaming Skull Catapult50x100mm/3" round