Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Resurrecting Fallen Warriors (Tomb Kings)
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Some magic spells and items can restore lost Wounds and even resurrect fallen warriors in a Nehekharan Undead unit. Wounds regained in this way follow a strict order. First, the unit champion is resurrected, and then the musician (standard bearers are never resurrected - if the bearer has been destroyed, the banner crumbles to dust), displacing rank-and-file models as required. Then rank-and-file models with multiple Wounds (including command figures) are healed to their starting value. Finally, any remaining Wounds resurrect rank-and-file models. In the case of multiple-Wound rank-and-file models, the first resurrected must be fully healed before another can be resurrected, and so on. Resurrected models are added to the front rank until it reaches at least five models (or three models if the target unit is monstrous infantry, monstrous beasts, monstrous cavalry or chariots) - additional models can then be added to the front or rear rank. If the unit already has more than one rank, models can only be added to the rear rank. A unit cannot be taken beyond its starting size. Unless specifically stated otherwise, spells and magic items that restore lost Wounds cannot heal characters or their mounts. If a character has joined a unit, only the unit will recover lost Wounds.

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