Orcs & Goblins
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Greenskins live in the mountains and forests all over the Warhammer World. They respect nothing but strength and their culture is based on the simple understanding that might is right.


Base Sizes

Azhag the Slaughterer50x50mm
Grimgor Ironhide & Wurrzag25x25mm
Gorbad Ironclaw & Gitilla da Hunter25x50mm
Snagla Grobspit25x50mm
Grom the Paunch20x20mm
Skarsnik with Gobbla60x40mm
Grom the Paunch Chariot75x100mm
Black Orc Warboss & Black Orc Boss25x25mm
Orc Warboss & Orc Boss25x25mm
Orc Great Shaman & Orc Shaman 25x25mm
Savage Orc Warboss & Savage Orc Boss25x25mm
Savage Orc great Shaman & Savage Orc Shaman25x25mm
Goblin Great Shaman & Goblin Shaman 20x20mm
Goblin Warboss & Goblin Boss 20x20mm
Night Goblin Warboss & Night Goblin Boss 20x20mm
Night Goblin Great Shaman & Shaman 20x20mm
Wolf, Boar & Giant Spider25x50mm
Gigantic Spider50x50mm
Cave Squig40x40mm
Forest Goblin Spider Riders & Wolf Riders25x50mm
Goblins & Night Goblins20x20mm
Fanatic25mm round
(Savage) Orc Boyz (and Arrer)25x25mm
Black Orc25x25mm
Spear chukka50x50mm/60mm round
Wolf Chariot50x100mm
Squigs, Herders & Hoppers20x20mm
(Savage) Boar boyz25x50mm
Boar Chariot50x100mm
Arachnarok Spider100x150mm
Doom Diver & Rock Lobber50x100mm/3" round
Mangler Squig60mm round
Pump Wagon50x100mm