Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Weapons (and Equipment)
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In the grim and dangerous world of Warhammer, warriors employ many different types of weapons against a multitude of foes. From the fine swords of the Elves or the well-wrought axes of the Dwarfs to less-sophisticated choppas of the Orcs or the huge spiked clubs used by Ogres, every race has weaponry fitted to its preferred style of fighting.

It is usual for all the models in a unit to carry the same weapons. A unit of Spearmen, a unit of Crossbowmen and so on. It is acceptable for a unit to include a minority of models that are differently armed for the sake of a varied and interesting appearance, but the unit still counts as being armed as the majority. Where models are varied in this way, it is important that the overall appearance of the unit is not misleading.


Warriors of Chaos

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