Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Skaven Spells of Ruin
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1. SkitterleapCasting Value: 5+

This spell can be used on any friendly infantry character within 12", even if engaged in close combat. This includes the caster (unless it is a Vermin Lord, as it is a monster). The model may immediately be placed anywhere on the battlefield, but it must be placed at least 1" away from enemy models.

2. Warp LightningCasting Value: 6+

Warp Lighting is a magic missile spell with a range of 24". It causes D6 Strength 5 hits. If the number of hits rolled is 1, then the caster suffers a Strength 5 hit instead of the target.

3. Howling WarpgaleCasting Value: 7+

This spell lasts until the start of the caster's next Magic phase. Flying creatures may not fly and must use their basic move. All missile weapons that roll To Hit suffer a -1 penalty in addition to any other penalties (long range, etc.). This spell does not affect Skaven missile weapons, as the unnatural winds are diverted by the caster himself.

4. Death FrenzyCasting Value: 9+

This spell can be cast on any friendly unit within 18", even if engaged in close combat. If successfully cast, the models in the unit will go into a state of Death Frenzy, which is the same as Frenzy except that it adds +2 Attacks not +1. The spell may be cast on units that are already affected by Frenzy, but the effects do not stack - the unit will have a total of +2 Attacks. Once cast, a unit will remain Death Frenzied until the unit loses in close combat. Units that are Death Frenzied suffer D6 automatic wounds, with no armour saves, at the end of each friendly turn (distributed as per shooting).

5. ScorchCasting Value: 10+

Place the small round template anywhere within 24". Any model touched suffers a Strength 4 hit. All wounds caused by this spell count as Flaming Attacks. Any unit that suffers an unsaved wound must take a Panic test.

6. Cracks CallCasting Value: 11+

A crack appears in the ground at the caster's feet and runs for 4D6" in a straight line in any direction in the caster's arc of sight. Any models in its path must make an Initiative test to leap out of the way. Models that fail are removed as casualties. Instead of taking an Initiative test, war machines and chariots must instead roll a 5+ or be destroyed.

A building (or single section of multi-part building) affected by the spell will collapse on a roll of 5+. If the building collapses, any models garrisoning it must pass an Initiative test, or be removed as a casualty with no armour save allowed. Any survivors are placed outside the building, as described for a unit abandoning a building. Then replace the building with an area of dangerous terrain of equal size.

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