Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

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Certain warriors can work themselves up into a fighting frenzy, a whirlwind of destruction in which all concern for personal safety is overridden in favour of mindless violence.

To represent their fighting fury and lack of self-preservation instincts, Frenzied troops have the Extra Attack and Immune to Psychology special rules (detailed elsewhere in this chapter).

Berserk Rage

If, during the Charge sub-phase, a unit that includes one or more Frenzied models could declare a charge, then it must do so unless a Leadership test is passed. If the Leadership test is failed, the Frenzied unit must declare a charge against the nearest viable enemy.

A unit that includes one or more Frenzied models cannot choose to restrain pursuit if it beats a foe in close combat. It will either pursue (if the enemy has fled) or overrun (if the enemy was wiped out in combat).

Note that if the enemy is wiped out in combat but the Frenzied unit did not charge that turn (or if the combat was the result of a pursuit or overrun charge in the same turn), then the Frenzied unit will reform as normal as it has no other choice of action.

In addition, Frenzied models cannot parry (see Weapons).

Losing Frenzy

Unlike other special rules, Frenzy can be lost as the game goes on. Models retain their Frenzy for the entire game unless beaten in combat, at which point the enemy have succeeded in knocking them into a less fanatical state and the Frenzy (together with all associated rules) is lost.

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