Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Flaming Attacks
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Fire is a fearsome thing on the battlefield, but some creatures are more vulnerable to it than others.

Whilst Flaming Attacks do not give bonuses against most troops (we assume the weapon blow to be far deadlier that the flames that wreathe it), they can be Fear-inducing in wild creatures, as well as prove fatal against some of the Warhammer world's more peculiar monsters.

Enemies with Flaming Attacks cause Fear in war beasts, cavalry and chariots (we talk about troop types in the following chapter). Flaming Attacks also have special properties against creatures that have the Flammable and Regeneration special rules, as explained later on.

Fire can be a valuable weapon for driving out the defenders of a fortification. Every model with Flaming Attacks rerolls failed To Wound rolls when shooting at or assaulting a building, to represent the added peril for the occupants of being inside the burning structure.

Unless otherwise stated, a model with this special rule has both Flaming shooting and close combat attacks (though any spells cast by the model are unaffected, as are any attacks made with magic weapons they might be wielding).

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