Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Killing Blow
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Tales are told of warriors who can slay their opponents with but a single strike of a blade that seeks an armour's merest gap. Whether such an attack is wrought by skill or ensorcelment matters not – the target is just as dead.

If a model with the Killing Blow special rule rolls a 6 to wound in close combat, he automatically slays his opponent – regardless of the number of wounds on the victim's profile. Armour saves and Regeneration saves cannot be taken against a Killing Blow. A ward saves can be attempted – if passed, the ward save prevents all damage from the Killing Blow.

Killing Blow is only effective against infantry, cavalry and war beasts – all other creatures are considered either too large to be felled by a single blow (monsters, monstrous infantry/cavalry/beasts, chariots and so on) or too numerous for a well-placed strike to slay them all (swarms).

Note that if a Killing Blow attack wounds automatically, then the Killing Blow special rule does not come into play.

Unless otherwise specified, Killing Blow applies only to close combat attacks.

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