Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

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A chariot is a wheeled war vehicle drawn into battle by beasts of some kind and crewed by warriors that are armed to the teeth.

Split Profile

In a similar manner to cavalry, a chariot has more than one set of characteristics, one for the beasts, one for the crew and one for the chariot itself, and is treated as a single model. When moving, the chariot model always uses the Movement characteristic of the beasts, although as the beasts are somewhat slowed by the chariot chassis, a chariot cannot march.

The crew and the beasts use their own Weapon Skill, Strength, Initiative and Attacks characteristics when they attack. Each can attack any opponent that the chariot model is in base contact with, although the beasts can only fight enemies to the front. If the crew models have missile weapons, they use their own Ballistic Skill when making Shooting attacks.

The Wounds, Toughness and armor saves of the crew and the beasts are never used – hits are resolved against the chariot's Wounds, Toughness and Armor Save. It is the crew's Weapon Skill that is used for the purposes of the enemy rolling to hit, just as with cavalry. We assume the crew to be in complete control of the beasts that pull the chariot, so the beasts' Leadership is never used.

Impact Hits

Chariots are huge crushing contraptions – they have the Impact Hits (D6) special rule. Some chariots are equipped with massive scythes and instead have Impact Hits (D6+1). This will be specified in their entry.

Chariots and Supporting Attacks

Chariots cannot make supporting attacks – the rigid body of the chariot prevents other ranks from forcing their way through to attack the foe

Chariots and Special Rules

Just as with cavalry, we assume that special rules that apply to the mounts do not normally also apply to the chariot or its crew, and vice versa. Remember though that there are exceptions, as detailed under the rules for cavalry (see above).

Armour Saves

Chariots have a fixed armour save, as detailed in their army list entry. Such an armour save takes into account the hardiness of the chariot, the armour worn by the crew and any barding on the mounts (but barding still slows the model down).

Chariots and Terrain

Chariots are primarily created to operate over firm, even ground. As a result, a chariot that finds itself moving through terrain is likely to have a very bumpy (and possibly fatal) ride. See Battlefield Terrain for details on chariots and Dangerous Terrain tests.

Charging, Fleeing and Pursuing

Chariots have the Swiftstride rule.

Chariots and Buildings

Obviously, chariots cannot enter or assault buildings – such actions would result in a very broken chariot for no tangible gain.

No Stomp

Sometimes a chariot will either be pulled by monstrous cavalry or crewed by monstrous infantry. In either case, no stomp attacks are permitted (the crew can't reach and the steeds are hampered by their yokes and chains).

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