Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Impact Hits
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The impact of a charge can itself sometimes cause severe casualties amongst the foe.

Some models, notably chariots, have so much impetus that they cause considerable damage when they crash into the enemy. To represent this, these models cause Impact Hits.

The number of Impact Hits caused varies from creature to creature, or troop type to troop type, but is shown in brackets after the special rule. Such as Impact Hits (D6+1) or Impact Hits (D3).

If a creature is granted two sets of Impact Hits, normally because its troop type and special rules both bestow Impact Hits, use the highest set, rather than a total.

Resolving Impact Hits

Impact Hits are only made on the turn the model charges into close combat. If the model with Impact Hits is itself charged, or is fighting in a second or subsequent round of combat, then this rule gives no benefit. Note that if the model does not complete the charge for any reason (for example, because it is destroyed) then no Impact Hits will take place.

Impact Hits are resolved at the very beginning of the close combat, before challenges are issued and attacks of any other kind are made. They hit a unit in base contact (if in base contact with more than one enemy unit, split the hits as evenly as possible, randomising any 'spare' hits). If the model with Impact Hits is not in base contact with the enemy, no Impact Hits are inflicted.

Impact Hits hit automatically, and roll to wound using the Strength of the model making the Impact Hits. The hits are distributed exactly as if they were shooting attacks. "Look Out Sir!" rolls cannot be taken against Impact Hits (see the Shooting and Characters for more information).

Finally, as Impact Hits are close combat attacks (albeit of an unusual type) any unsaved wounds they inflict count towards Combat Result, just as any more conventional close combat attacks would.

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