Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Monstrous Beasts
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There are many mighty and wondrous creatures in the Warhammer world that, whilst not large enough to classify as being full-blown earth-shaking monsters, are still formidable foes. We refer to such creatures as monstrous beasts.


Monstrous beasts have the Stomp special rule.

Charging, Fleeing and Pursuing

Monstrous Beasts have the Swiftstride special rule.

Monstrous Ranks

A rank of monstrous beasts needs only three models to count for rank bonus, steadfast and so on, and only need a six model frontage to count as a horde, in the same way as monstrous infantry (see above).

Character Mount

Some characters can ride monstrous beasts, in which case the model uses the rules for monstrous cavalry.

Monstrous Support

Furthermore, a Monstrous Beast can make as many supporting attacks as are on its profile, up to a maximum of three

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