Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Evocation of Death
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At the beginning of the owning player's Magic phase, the Black Coach feeds on magical energy. Immediately after the total number of power dice for that phase has been determined, roll all the power dice in the pool. If any of these dice roll a 6, a portion of the power it represents is siphoned into the Black Coach. Power dice that are 'siphoned' by the Black Coach in this fashion can be used in the Magic Phase as normal, though keep a note of how many are siphoned in this way. If you have more than one Black Coach in your army, randomly determine which Black Coach gains each siphoned dice. Each dice increases the Black Coach's abilities for the rest of the game, as detailed on the chart below. All of the increases are cumulative.




The Black Coach adds +1 to the number of Impact Hits it inflicts when it charges.


The Cairn Wraith and Nightmares have +1 Strength.


The Black Coach's Impact Hits, Nightmare and Cairn Wraith's Attacks gain the Killing Blow and Flaming Attacks special rules.


The Black Coach gains the Magic Resistance (2) and Strider special rules.


The Black Coach Gains the Ethereal special rule.


The Black Coach has the Fly special rule.

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