Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

The Mad Count
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At the start of every friendly turn, Marius Leitdorf must take a Leadership test on 3D6, discarding the lowest result. If passed, he acts normally this turn, otherwise, roll a D6 and consult the table below:




Lunatic Ravings: For the remainder of the turn, Marius is treated as though he has failed a Stupidity test.


Berserk Rage: Marius has the Frenzy special rule, and cannot lose it, until he rolls on this table again.


Paranoid Delusions: Marius immediately makes one close combat attack against a randomly chosen friendly model in base contact (if there are none, treat this result as Lunatic Ravings instead).


Tactical Brilliance: Every friendly unit within 12″ of Marius Leitdorf may immediately make a Reform manoeuvre. These units can still move, charge, march and shoot as normal during this turn.


Outrageous Insult: The closest enemy character to Marius has the Hatred (Marius Leitdorf) special rule for the rest of the game.


Insane Bravado: Marius is treated as having rolled the Berserk Rage result. In addition, he has the Stubborn special rule and must accept any challenge until he rolls on this table again.

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