Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

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Sometimes a rule will call for an object (a template, counter or even a unit) to be placed on the battlefield and then scattered. When this occurs, follow this procedure:

Place the object on the battlefield, as instructed by the rule. Roll a scatter dice to determine the direction of scatter, and any other dice required by the rule to determine the scatter distance. For example, if something is said to 'scatter 2D6" in a random direction' then you'd roll the scatter dice for the direction and 2D6" for the distance. It's normally a good idea to roll these as close to the scattering object as possible, to minimise the inaccuracy that will inevitably creep in as you attempt to match the vector.

If a Hit! is rolled on the scatter dice, the object does not move – leave it in place and resolve the rest of the rule.

If an arrow is rolled, move the object in the direction of the arrow and the distance (in inches) shown on the other dice, ignoring intervening terrain, units, etc, unless the rule states otherwise. Once the object has scattered to its final position, you can resolve the effects of the rule.

Note that war machines usually use the artillery dice to determine the distance scattered.

The scatter dice shows a Hit! so the template does not move - the 2D6 result is ignored.
The scatter dice shows an arrow so the template moves the distance shown on the 2D6.

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