Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Characteristic Tests
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A model will sometimes be called upon to take a characteristic test. Such a test could be applied against any characteristic the model has, save Leadership. A Toughness test is a characteristic test, as is a Strength test or an Initiative test, and so on.

Models will not normally have a choice of which characteristic they must use – the characteristic to be tested will be specified in the rule.

To make a characteristic test, roll a D6 and compare the score to the relevant characteristic in the model's profile. If the score is equal to or less than the number in the profile, the test is passed with no ill effect. If the score is greater than the number in the model's profile, the test has been failed, and something nasty will occur, as detailed in the rule that called for the test.

Where a model (or a unit) has more than one value for the same characteristic, as is the case with cavalry, for example, a characteristic test is always taken against the highest of the values.

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