Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Meeting Engagement
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It is not uncommon for two armies to come across each other and immediately deploy straight from column of march. More often than not, the fighting starts while elements of the army are still marching towards the battlefield. In such a battle there is little time for careful consideration or planning.

The Armies

Each player chooses his force using the army list from a Warhammer army book, to an equal points value agreed before the game.

The Battlefield

Set up terrain as described earlier in this chapter.


In this scenario the table is divided into two halves from corner to corner, as shown on the deployment map. The players roll off and the winner chooses the two opposite corners to be used and which half of the table each player will deploy in.

The player that won the roll-off must deploy their entire army first. Before deploying the army, roll a dice for each separate unit, including each individual character and war machine.

On a roll of 1 the unit must be held back as reserves. After all units have been rolled for, those that are not reserves can be deployed in their side's deployment zone, anywhere that is more than 6" away from the centre line.

Once the first player had deployed, his opponent does likewise, in exactly the same manner


First Turn

After deployment, the player that set up second rolls a dice. On a roll of 6 they can choose who has the first turn. On a roll of 1-5 the player that set up first chooses who has the first turn.

Game Length

The battle will last for six game turns, or until a time limit agreed by the players is reached, whichever comes first.

Victory Conditions

Use victory points to determine the winner of the battle as described earlier in this chapter.

Scenario Special Rules

Reserves: Reserves are not deployed at the start of the battle. Instead they can enter play on any turn of their player's choosing, using the reinforcements rules as described in the Movement chapter. They may enter at any point on the long table edge of their deployment zone.

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