Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Blood and Glory
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The battles fought in the Warhammer world are bloody affairs. Eventually, worn down by destruction, one of the battlelines will break and flee, leaving their opponents in control of the field.

The Armies

Each player chooses his force using the army list from a Warhammer army book, to an equal points value agreed before the game.

The Battlefield

Set up terrain as described earlier in this chapter.


Roll off to see which player chooses the half of the table they will deploy in. The opponent will deploy in the other half. Players then take it in turns to place units on the table, using the alternating units method of deployment as described earlier in this chapter.

Units may be placed anywhere in their half of the table that is more than 9" from the center line, and more than 9" away from either narrow table edge.


First Turn

Roll off after deployment to see which player receives the first turn. The player that finished deploying his army first adds +1 to his roll.

Game Length

The game ends at the end of the 6th game turn or as soon as an army breaks. An army immediately breaks when its Fortitude is equal to or less than its Breaking Point.

Victory Conditions

The first army to break the enemy wins the battle (see Game Length). If neither army has broken by the end of the game, or if both were to break simultaneously, use victory points to determine the winner as described earlier in this chapter.

Scenario Special Rules

Breaking Point: An army's breaking point is equal to one for every thousand points in the army, rounding any fractions up. So, an army of up to 1,000 points has a breaking point of one, an army worth 1,001 to 2,000 points has a breaking point of two, etc.

Fortitude: Any army's fortitude is equal to the current number of standards in the army (including the battle standard), plus two for the General. Fleeing units and units that are only temporarily off-table still count.

Minimum Standards: The 'sudden death' victory conditions used in this scenario mean that it's important to have enough standards in an army to stop it breaking immediately as the game starts. For example, in a 2,000 point battle you will need the general and at least one standard to avoid instantly breaking.

For example: A 2,000 point army (breaking point 2) has three unit standards, a battle standard, and a General, giving it a starting fortitude of six (3+1+2=6). It would break as soon as its fortitude was reduced to two.

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