Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

The Watchtower
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A wise warlord will protect his territory by building watchtowers at strategic locations. These fortified towers will have a small garrison, whose duty is to watch out for enemy incursions into their ruler's territory. They are expected to hold out long enough for the rest of the army to arrive and bring the enemy to battle.

The Armies

Each player chooses his force using the army list from a Warhammer army book, to an equal points value agreed before the game.

The Battlefield

Set up the watchtower as described below, and then set up any remaining terrain as described earlier in this chapter. The watchtower counts as the first of the D6+4 terrain pieces that must be set up.

The Watchtower

A building must be set up at the centre of the table. Any building model can be used, but there are a number of Citadel models which are ideal. If you don't have a building model, use any other terrain feature of your choice.


Roll off to see who controls the watchtower at the start of the battle. The player that controls the tower may deploy a single Core infantry unit of no more than 20 models in the tower if they wish to do so. The unit is not allowed to voluntarily leave the tower until after the first game turn of the battle has been completed.

The opposing player then picks the half of the table they will deploy in. Players then take it in turn to place units on the table, starting with the player that doesn't control the watchtower, using the alternating units method of deployment as described earlier in this chapter. Units may be placed anywhere in their half that is more than 12" from the centre line.


First Turn

The player that does not control the watchtower receives the first turn

Game Length

Roll a D6 at the end of each game turn, starting with the end of game turn 4. Add the turn number to the dice roll. If the score is 10 or more, then the battle ends immediately. If the total is less than 10 then the battle continues for at least one more game turn.

Victory Conditions

At the end of the battle, the side that controls the watchtower is the winner. The watchtower is controlled by the unit inside or, if it is unoccupied, the closest unit that is not fleeing. In the unlikely event that neither player can claim to control the watchtower, use victory points to determine the winner of the battle as described earlier in this chapter.

Scenario Special Rules


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