High Elves
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High Elves come from the mystic isle of Ulthuan, a hidden realm far out to sea that almost no others have visited.


Base Sizes

Teclis, Caradryan, Korhil, Eltharion the Grim, Alarielle the Radiant & Alith Anar20x20mm
Tyrion on Malhadir50x50mm
Archmage & Mage20x20mm
Anointed of Asuryan & Loremaster of Hoeth20x20mm
Prince & Noble20x20mm
Lothern Sea Helm & Handmaiden20x20mm
Dragon Mage20x20mm
Sun Dragon50x100mm
Moon Dragon50x100mm
Star Dragon50x100mm
Flamespyre Phoenix50x100mm
Frostheart Phoenix50x100mm
Elven Steed25x50mm
Great Eagle50x50mm
Griffon & Stormwing (Eltharion)50x50mm
Sea Guard20x20mm
Ellyrian Reavers25x50mm
Silver Helms25x50mm
Dragon Princes25x50mm
Lion chariot50x100mm
Phoneix Guard20x20mm
Shadow warriors20x20mm
Lothern Skycutter50x100mm
Sword masters20x20mm
Tiranoc chariot50x100mm
White lions of Chrace20x20mm
Great Eagle50x50mm
Bolt thower50x50mm/60mm round
Flamespyre Phoenix50x100mm
Frostheart Phoenix50x100mm
Sisters of Avelorn20x20mm