Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Stone Thrower Misfire Chart
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Destroyed! The stone thrower cannot take the strain! Bits of wood and metal fly all around, the stone tumbles to the ground, crushing the war machine and throwing debris into the air. The war machine is destroyed.


Disabled: A freak occurrence disrupts the normal smooth operation of the stone thrower, and one of the crew has been caught in the firing mechanism. The stone thrower suffers a wound, with no armour saves allowed. The stone thrower cannot fire this turn or in the controlling player's next turn. Either turn the war machine around or place a marker of some kind to indicate this.


May Not Shoot: A minor error has occurred, perhaps the stone was dropped or part of the machinery jams. The stone thrower is unharmed and can shoot as normal again in the controlling player's next turn.

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