Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Foot of Gork
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Spell Level 6Casting Value: 15+

Foot of Gork is a direct damage spell. Place the Foot of Gork template within 36" of the Shaman. It then scatters D6", maintaining the same facing. All models hit by the template suffer a Strength 6 hit with the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule. The Shaman can choose to increase the casting value to 18+. If he does so, after resolving the effects of the spell, roll a dice and consult the following table:




Gork slips and stomps one of your own units! Your opponent places the template anywhere on the table. It then scatters and inflicts damage exactly as described above. The spell then ends.


Gork gets bored and wanders off. The spell ends without further effect.


Gork stomps another enemy unit. Place the template again, as described above. After resolving the effects of this stomp, roll again on this table.

Note: If you roll a 4-6 on the above table, the same unit can be targeted successively.