Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Shambling Horror
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The Hell Pit Abomination has the Random Movement (3D6) special rule, with the following exceptions:

  • If a triple is rolled when moving the Hell Pit Abomination (except when fleeing or pursuing), do not move it; instead roll on the below chart.

  • If the move takes the Hell Pit Abomination into a friendly unit, it will inflict D6 Impact Hits, distributed in the same manner as shooting attacks, and then stops 1" away from the unit (or flee through it if fleeing).




Grinding Halt: The model does not move this turn.


Blind Fury: The model moves the full distance rolled, however, it must do so in a random direction determined by a scatter dice.


Fluid Injected! The Hell Pit Abomination moves in the direction nominated, using the triple already rolled, and will increase its Strength by +1 for the remainder of the game. Further Berserk Abomination rolls of 6 will not increase the beast's profile, but will instead immediately inflict D6 wounds on the unit.

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