Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Roll to Wound (Shooting)
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For each shot that hits, roll again to see if it wounds the target. The score needed is determined by comparing the Strength of the firing weapon with the Toughness of the target.

Hitting your target is not always enough to put it out of action – sometimes the shot results in little more than a graze or trivial flesh wound.

To determine whether a hit causes a telling wound, compare the weapon's Strength (not the Strength of the firer) with the target's Toughness characteristic. Each weapon has a Strength value, given in that weapon's description in the Weapons chapter.

Pick up all the dice that have hit, and roll them again. Then, consult the To Wound chart, cross-referencing the weapon's Strength (S) with the target's Toughness (T). The number indicated is the minimum score on a D6 needed to convert the hit into a wound. Any dice that equal or beat the score shown on the chart have successfully scored a wound! A To Wound roll of a 1 on a D6 always fails, regardless of any dice modifiers.

For example: An Empire Archer shoots his bow at an Orc. The soldier has a Strength 3 bow and the Orc is Toughness 4. The Archer therefore needs to score a 5 or more to inflict a wound. If the soldier had fired a Strength 4 crossbow instead, he would have needed a 4 or more to inflict a wound.


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