Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Measuring Distances
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In Warhammer, distances are measured in inches (") with a tape measure. You can always check the distance before you declare an action, such as charging or shooting.

This allows you to check whether your units are in range of their target before they launch an attack. After all, our warriors are all led by experienced campaigners and we can assume that they can accurately judge the range of their weapons, even if we, their generals, cannot (one does not, after all, keep a dog and then bark himself).

Distances between models and all other objects (which can be other models, terrain features and so on...) are always measured from closest point on one base to the closest point on the other base.

Distances between units are always measured to and from the closest models in each of the units (see the diagrams below). Sometimes units will be mounted on movement trays for ease of use. Nevertheless, always use the model's base, and not the movement tray, as the reference point when taking your measurements.

So, for example, if any part of a model's base is within 6" of the base of an enemy model, the two models are said to be within 6" of each other.

Sometimes the rules will call upon a unit to move directly towards another unit, or some other feature on the battlefield. Where this is the case, draw an imaginary line between the centre of the unit and its destination, and move the unit forward along this line a number of inches equal to the distance stated.

The distance between the Empire Spearman unit and the Goblins is 6". We therefore say that the Goblins are within 6". The distance between the Empire Spearman unit and the Wyvern is 3". We therefore say that the Wyvern is within 3".

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