Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Monster Reaction Table
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Uh? Free of the will controlling it, the monster now has to think for itself and might find its presence on the battlefield extremely confusing. The monster fights on as normal, but is subject to Stupidity for the remainder of the game.


Grrrrr... The monster stops moving immediately, remaining where it is to guard the fallen body of its master. From this point onwards, the monster is Unbreakable. The monster will not move for the rest of the battle, except that it will always turn to face towards the closest enemy in its Movement phase and use any breath or other ranged weapon against the closest enemies within range if possible. If the monster is engaged in close combat it will fight, but it will not pursue fleeing enemies.


Raaaargh! The monster is maddened by grief and rage at the death of its master, or simply reverts to its feral instincts. The monster fights on as normal, but is subject to Frenzy and Hatred of all enemies for the rest of the game (it can never lose its Frenzy, even if defeated in combat) and will always charge the closest eligible enemy target.

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