Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Monster Mounts In Combat
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In close combat, the monster attacks using its own characteristics, and the rider attacks separately using his characteristics. As the monster and rider are likely to have different Initiative values, they might strike their blows at different times. These attacks are worked out entirely normally, one batch for the rider and one batch for the monster, against any enemies in base contact with the model.

When it comes to attacking back, enemies in base contact with the monster have two potential targets: the rider and the monster. The enemy can choose to direct his attacks against either the rider or the monster, and can distribute attacks between them in any way he likes. The opposing player must state how many attacks are against the monster and how many are against the rider before he rolls any dice, otherwise all attacks are assumed to be against the monster.

Attacks are worked out exactly as normal, and the score required to hit will depend upon the relative values of the monster or the rider's Weapon Skill and the attacker's Weapon Skill.

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