Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Non-aligned Forces
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All the realms and races we have discussed so far have been fairly easy to categorise. Politicking and backstabbing aside, each race presents a united front – their armies march either in civilisation's defence or to its destruction. There are, however, a handful of races whose alignment is not so easily judged.

Ogres, for example, are famous (or perhaps notorious) sell-swords and mercenaries, happy to fight for any master provided that the gold and grub keeps flowing in equal measure. Elsewhere, the Tomb Kings are less a united race than a series of ancient kingdoms, each acting to the dictats of its ruler. Such armies can march to war in service to the goals of either Order or Destruction.

The Non-aligned Forces are:

  • Ogre Kingdoms

  • Tomb Kings

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