Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Scatter (Stone Thrower)
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Once the template has been placed, roll for scatter using a scatter dice and an artillery dice. If a misfire is rolled on the artillery dice, something has gone wrong – roll on the Stone Thrower Misfire table to discover just what that is. Regardless of the result rolled, the stone thrower does not shoot this turn.

Assuming that you didn't roll a misfire on the artillery dice, it's now time to find out whether or not your shot was on target.

If a hit is rolled on the scatter dice, the shot has landed on target – any creature foolish or unlucky enough to be nearby is going to regret it very soon. In this case, we ignore the number shown on the artillery dice – the hit is all we need.

If an arrow is rolled, the shot has missed its original target and scatters off elsewhere. The full rules for scatter are given in General Principles, but in summation: move the template a distance in inches equal to the result of the artillery dice, in the direction shown on the scatter dice.

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