Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Wind of Death
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Spell Level 6Casting Value: 15+

Remains in play. Wind of Death is a magical vortex spell that uses the small round template. Once the template is placed, the player then nominates the direction in which the Wind of Death will move. To determine how many inches the template moves, roll an artillery dice and multiply the result by 3. Any unit beneath or passed over by the template takes D6 Strength 3 hits for each rank of models in the unit with no armour saves allowed. If the result on the artillery dice is a misfire, centre the template on the caster and roll a scatter dice and a D6. The template moves a number of inches equal to the roll of the D6, in the direction indicated by the scatter dice. If a Hit! Is rolled, use the small arrow on the Hit! Symbol. In either event, in subsequent turns, the Wind of Death will move a number of inches determined by rolling an artillery dice, in a random direction determined by rolling a scatter dice. If a misfire is rolled in subsequent turns, the Wind of Death dissipates and is removed. The caster may choose to infuse the Wind of Death with more power so that it uses the large round template and its Strength is increased to 4 instead. If he does so, the casting value is 25+.