Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Sea Creature
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In the deep oceans of the Warhammer world lurk all manner of foul and wondrous denizens, from the killer Kraken to sinuous Sea Serpents and black-scaled Leviathans. Such creatures can move through the water as easily as a man walks the land, but are somewhat ponderous when out of their element.

Sea Creatures can move within any area of water on the battlefield, including rivers and even deep water that players may have deemed impassable to other models, as if it were open ground (see Battlefield Terrain for more on terrain types). However, when out of the water they cannot march. Sea Creatures are still subject to any special effects that specific terrain may have (e.g. we don't exempt Sea Creatures from the dangers of marshes). Being a denizen of the deep seas does not necessarily equate to protection from a choking quagmire.

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