Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Helstorm Rockets
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When firing a Helstorm Rocket Battery, first roll a D3 – this is the number of rockets fired in the salvo. Next, place a small round template over your target following the rules for a stone thrower. Roll a single artillery dice and a number of scatter dice equal to the number of rockets in the salvo. If the artillery dice result is a misfire, roll a D6 and consult the Black Powder Misfire Chart in the Warhammer rulebook. Assuming a misfire was not rolled, choose one of the scatter dice results and move the template a number of inches equal to the result on the artillery dice in the direction shown. Note that Helstorm rockets always count as being fired indirectly, even if the Helstorm Rocket Battery has line of sight to its target. When the final position of the template is known, resolve hits as you would for a stone thrower, using the profile given below. There is no difference in Strength for the model under the central hole. If there are any scatter dice as yet unresolved, return the template to its original position, choose an unresolved scatter dice and resolve this shot as described above. Continue until all scatter dice have been resolved.

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