Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Daemonic Instability
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When a unit of Daemons lose a combat it must take a Daemonic Instability test, instead of taking a normal Break test. To do this, use the following procedure.

1. Calculate combat results as normal and roll 2D6.

2. If the dice roll is a double 1 or double 6, something unexpected happens:

Double 1, Reality Blinks. All wounds suffered by the unit this Close Combat phase, including any Wounds suffered by characters that have joined it, are restored, and any models removed as casualties in this phase are immediately returned to play in their earlier positions. Wounds restored in this manner still count as having been inflicted for the purposes of combat results.

Double 6, Banished! Remove the unit from play as a casualty.

3. Now (assuming the unit has not been wiped out when resolving a double 6) apply the difference in combat results as a penalty to the Daemons’ Leadership. For every point by which the 2D6 roll exceeds this modified Leadership value, the unit suffers one additional Wound, with no saves of any kind allowed. If characters are present in the unit, the controlling player first allocates Wounds to the unit (up to their current wounds), then divides the remaining Wounds as equally as possible amongst any characters. Once all Wounds have been allocated, the penalty to the Daemon’s Leadership is discounted.

Note that Daemonic Instability tests do not benefit from Insane Courage. They can, however, be re-rolled if the battle standard is within 12", use the General’s Inspiring Presence rule, and/or be tested on unmodified Leadership if the unit is Stubborn or Steadfast.

If a Daemonic unit somehow has the Unbreakable special rule, it takes no Daemonic Instability test.

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