Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Breath Weapons
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Some creatures have the ability to belch clouds of flame or noxious choking fumes at their foes. Dragons are the most famous of such beasts, but they are by no means alone.

A model with a Breath Weapon can use it to make a special attack once per game. A model with two or more different Breath Weapons can use each one once. The form that this special attack takes depends on whether or not the creature is in close combat.

In the event that a model has more than one Breath Weapon attack, it is permitted to use only one in a single turn.

Breath Weapon Shooting Attack

Provided the model is not in close combat, it can use its Breath Weapon during its Shooting phase. A Breath Weapon shooting attack can be made even if the model marched or reformed during the same turn.

To perform the attack, place the flame template so that it lies entirely within the model's forward arc, with the narrow end touching the creature's mouth, and so that it is not touching any friendly units or enemy units that are in close combat.

All models that lie even partially under the template are automatically hit, as covered in General Principles. The Strength and any special effects of the creature's Breath Weapon will be covered in its rules.

The teardrop-shaped template is placed with the thin end at the Dragon’s mouth and the wide end over the target unit. In this example 12 models are under the template and so are hit automatically.

Breath Weapon Close Combat Attack

If the model with this special rule is in close combat, it can use the Breath Weapon to make an additional close combat attack at its own Initiative (in either player's turn). A model that makes a breath weapon attack in this way inflicts 2D6 automatic hits on a single enemy unit in base contact – if there is more than one enemy unit in base contact with the model, the controlling player chooses which enemy unit suffers the hits. As with breath weapon attacks made in the Shooting phase, the Strength and any special effects of the creature's Breath Weapon will be covered in its rules. Wounds caused by a Breath Weapon in close combat count towards Combat Result

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