Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Beastman Ambush
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You may keep any unit with the Beastman Ambush special rule off table ‘in Ambush’ at the beginning of the game, provided you have a unit of the same type and of the same size (or larger) that you deploy as normal. Make sure to tell your opponent which units are being held back in this way. It doesn’t matter what the two units are armed or upgraded with, just so long as the unit in Ambush doesn’t outnumber its opposite number on the board. With the exception of Ungrol Four-Horn, characters cannot be deployed in this way.

To see when and how your Ambushers enter play, roll for each unit in your Remaining Moves phase each turn (including Turn 1!) and consult the following table.




The unit enters from the table edge of the opponent’s choice.


The unit is still getting into position. Roll again next turn.


The unit arrives on the table edge to the Beastman player’s left.*


The unit arrives on the table edge to the Beastman player’s right.*


The unit arrives on the table edge of the Beastman player’s choice.

* If for any reason it is not possible to deploy the unit on this table edge, count the result as a roll of 1 instead.

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