Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Beast Rider (Lizardmen)
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A Troglodon and its Skink Oracle Rider have their own characteristics, but are treated as a single model. If the Troglodon is removed as a casualty, then the Skink Oracle Rider is removed along with it. When moving, the model always uses the Movement characteristic of the Troglodon. The Troglodon and Skink Oracle Rider use their own Weapon Skill, Strength, Initiative and Attacks characteristics when they attack. Each can attack any opponent that the model is in base contact with. All hits upon the model are resolved using the Troglodon’s Toughness, Wounds and save. In close combat, enemy models attacking the model compare their Weapon Skill to the Troglodon’s Weapon Skill when rolling To Hit. However, we assume the Skink Oracle Rider to be in complete control of the beast, so the Troglodon’s Leadership is never used. A Troglodon is treated as a Monster in all other respects, as described in the Warhammer rulebook.

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