Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Anvil of Doom
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A Runelord with an Anvil of Doom gains +2 to his Wounds characteristic. He also gains the Unbreakable special rule, and his troop type changes to war machine with the following special rules:

A Runelord, his Anvil Guards, and his Anvil of Doom are treated as a single model – the Runelord cannot dismount. There are, however, two sets of characteristics, one for the Runelord and one shared profile for the Anvil Guards. The Runelord and the Anvil Guards use their own Weapon Skill, Strength, Initiative and Attacks characteristics when they attack. Each can attack an opponent in base contact. The Anvil Guard’s Attacks do not benefit from any weapon, runic or otherwise, carried by the Runelord (but gain the Armour Piercing special rule).

The Anvil Guards and the Anvil have no Wounds or Toughness values, and can therefore never be attacked separately. However, if the Runelord is removed as a casualty, we assume that the Anvil Guards were slain alongside their master and the whole model is removed from play. If the model is attacked in close combat, it is the Runelord’s Weapon Skill that is used for the purposes of the enemy rolling To Hit.

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