Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

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A model's armor save is boosted still further if it carries a shield. Shields are highly effective in battle, as they can be used to fend off both shooting and close combat attacks.

If a model carries a shield, the score it needs to save is reduced by 1 (though this can't take the save to beyond 1+). If a model has no armor save apart from a shield, it gains a 6+ armor save.

For example: A Dark Rider is mounted, giving it a save of 6+. It also has light armor, which increases its save to 5+. If it also carried a shield, its armor save would increase to 4+.

The table below shows the most common combinations, and their associated armor saving throws. Note that there are other armor saving throw modifiers to encounter in Warhammer – notably for riding a cavalry mount of some kind (as discussed in the Troop Types chapter).

Armour Worn

Saving Throw



Light armour


Light armour and shield


Heavy armour


Heavy armour and shield


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