Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

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Each Wizard knows a number of spells equal to his level, chosen randomly at the start of each battle.

In the Magic phase your Wizards unleash their magical power in the form of spells. Spells can be terribly destructive or powerfully protective, or might confer special abilities of some form.

Wizards are assumed to know dozens of different spells, or even hundreds, from complicated time- consuming rituals to party tricks, charms and minor alchemies. However, when it comes to a battle only a limited selection of magic is of any value.

The number of spells a Wizard takes into battle is equal to his Wizard level. Some powerful Wizards have more, but this is most definitely the exception to the rule. You must roll for each of your Wizards' spells before they are deployed to the battlefield – see the Reference section.

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