Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Dispel Value
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For a dispel to succeed, the total of the dice rolled, added to the Wizard's level, must equal or beat the spell's casting result.

The number of dice chosen are taken from the player's dispel pool and rolled. The results are added together, and then added to the Wizard's level to give a dispel result, exactly as if he were casting a spell. If the army is attempting the dispel, no bonus is added to the total.

If the dispel result equals or exceeds the spell's casting result, the dispel is successful and the spell does not take effect. For example, if the caster scored a casting result of 15, the dispelling Wizard would need to score a result of 15 or more to make a successful dispel.

If the result is less than the spell's casting result, the dispel attempt has failed. Furthermore, the Wizard is so preoccupied by his collapsing dispel that he isunable to attempt another later in the phase. Just as when casting a spell, a total natural dice score of 1 or 2 is always considered to be a failure, despite any modifiers. This is true regardless of bonuses, from any source. Note that the army can always attempt to dispel, regardless of previous failures.

For example, a Level 3 Wizard is attempting to dispel an enemy casting of The Purple Sun of Xereus. Fortunately, the spell was not cast with irresistible force, but with a casting total of 23, so a dispel attempt can be made. The dispelling Wizard rolls six dice, scoring 1, 3, 4, 4, 5 and 6. Added to his Wizard level, this yields a dispel value of 26, higher than the 23 required, so the dispel is successful and the spell does not take effect.

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