Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Casting Bound Spells
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A bound spell is cast just like an ordinary spell – using dice from the power pool (the model may do so even if it is not a Wizard). The required casting value is equal to the bound spell's power level. Note that bound spells never benefit from any casting modifiers that the user might have (for Wizard level, magic items, and so forth). On the other hand, failing to cast a bound spell does not break a wizard's concentration, as using an item that contains a bound spell normally would not require anything more complex than uttering a single word of activation.

For example, a High Elf Noble has the Ruby Ring of Ruin, a magic item that contains the lowest level of Fireball as a bound spell of power level 3. Therefore, when the Noble attempts to cast the spell, the casting roll must be equal to or greater than 3. If the Ruby Ring of Ruin was instead borne by a Level 2 High Elf Mage, he too would need the casting roll to be equal to or greater than 3 – he cannot use his +2 level bonus to boost the score.

As in the example above, bound spells are often tied into a spell from a magic lore. Where this is the case and there is a choice of casting levels, the bound spell is always the easier 'unboosted' version with the lower casting level.

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