Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Balance of Power
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Usually, only characters can carry magic items. Each model can only carry one of each type of magic item. Magic items are divided into six categories: Magic Weapons, Magic Armour, Talismans, Enchanted Items, Arcane Items and Magic Standards. Each category covers a particular kind of item and 'family' of effects – Magic Weapons give bonuses to a model's fighting skill, for example, whilst Talismans provide protection. A model can only ever choose one item from each category. If he were to do otherwise, the magical emanations from two similar types of item would overlap, cancel out and ultimately explode in a suitably messy fashion (although it would probably look very spectacular, so it wouldn't be a complete loss). The only exceptions to this rule are some special characters, who might well have two magical weapons, for example. In these (rare) cases, we assume that magical safeguards have been built in to the items so that both can be borne by the same individual.

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